What is Haven OnDemand Combinations?

Cognitive services for real world problems

Combination APIs are cognitive services created by chaining and configuring two or more Haven OnDemand APIs to produce reusable solutions. These combinations enable one data input to have unlimited transformations and processing all from a single API call, and this means faster and more efficient services.

Focus on Creating

Where other platforms make you write a lot of code and only offer a limited set of APIs, Haven OnDemand Combinations make it easy to build new services and call multiple APIs with only a few lines of code. With more than 60 APIs from Haven OnDemand and the unparalleled power of Combinations, you can now focus on creating and avoid the costly hassle and risk of complex development projects.

Chain APIs without writing any code

Start from one of our ready to go templates or create your own using the drag and drop GUI.

These combinations enable one data input to have unlimited transformations and processing, all from a single API call.

And once the combination is built and tested you can then publish it for anyone to use and extend. We call this reusable machine learning.

Accelerate development with Combination API integration code

Add intelligence across all your enterprise apps, platforms, and devices with pre-built Machine Learning combinations that are designed to work in concert. Combination API integration code is copy and paste ready for all your apps.

Configure, customize and create with the Combinations Canvas

The Haven OnDemand Combinations Canvas provides a simple and powerful web user interface for you to configure and modify existing Combination APIs to suit your requirements. Or, you can build something from scratch and chain, test, and publish Combination APIs on your own.

Find solutions in the Combinations Marketplace

The Haven OnDemand Combinations Marketplace provides a growing catalog of cognitive services to accelerate development with copy and paste Machine Learning solutions. You can add your own cognitive service to the Combinations Marketplace and save time by reusing across all your apps.

Welcome to the future of Machine Learning APIs

  • Custom code required to integrate APIs
  • Performance Latency
  • Multiple API calls
  • Difficult to support reuse
  • Copy & paste integration code
  • Supports parallel processing
  • One API call
  • Intelligence for all your apps