Information about the different types of Haven OnDemand Connectors for extracting content from cloud and onsite data repositories.


HPE Connectors retrieve content from a data repository, such as a database, email server, or file system, and pass that content to a Haven OnDemand API destination such as the Add to Text Index API. Haven OnDemand provides both cloud flavor connectors that run entirely in the Haven OnDemand environment, and onsite connectors that allow for the ingest of data from repositories behind a firewall.

Connectors operate on a particular repository, rather than a particular file type. All connectors can retrieve all supported file types, but you must use a connector that can connect and extract files from a particular repository type. For example, if you want to extract emails from a Microsoft Exchange Server, you can use the Exchange Connector, and if you want to extract information from Internet servers or Web sites, you can use the Web Connector.

The individual connector flavor pages provide information about the configuration, quotas, and limits for each connector flavor.

Cloud Connector Types

Cloud flavor connectors run in the Haven OnDemand environment. You can configure and access these connectors by using the Haven OnDemand connector APIs. Haven OnDemand currently provides the following cloud flavor connectors:

Onsite Connector Types

You can use the onsite connectors to index content into the Haven OnDemand text indexes from behind a firewall. You can configure and access the following onsite connector flavors by using the Create Connector API.

For onsite connector types, you download and install the connector locally. When you create a connector with the Create Connector API, the API provides a link to the installer files to download. You can also use the Download Links Discovery API to find the available connector installer downloads.

Additional Onsite Connector Types

Haven OnDemand also has a number of additional connectors that are not available through the Create Connector API. Contact us if you would like to use one of the following connectors in conjunction with Haven OnDemand. Onsite Connectors include:

  • ODBC Connector

  • Documentum Connector

  • Confluence Connector

  • Exchange Connector

  • Notes Connector

Mapped Security

Haven OnDemand supports mapped security in hybrid environments. Mapped security ensures that Haven OnDemand text indexes respect any document security that you use to restrict access to files. The Haven OnDemand connectors index security information from the original repository, and user security information is included with queries.

Mapped security is available for the following repositories (and the associated connectors):

  • SharePoint (SharePoint Onsite and Cloud flavor Connectors).

  • Windows NT security (File System Connector).

If you are interested in using mapped security in your system, contact us.