Custom Fields Flavor Index Configuration

The Custom Fields flavor is a special index flavor that allows you to use and create more custom fields in your documents.

Index Size

The Custom Fields flavor supports a maximum of 2.5GB of index data.

The querytextindex and findsimilar APIs can return a maximum of 10000 documents in the results.

You can create up to 15 custom index fields, 10 parametric fields, 10 numeric fields, and three expire date fields.

Standard Fields

The Custom_Fields flavor supports the same standard fields as the Standard Flavor.

For information about the field types, see Index Field Types.

Note: Field names in Haven OnDemand are not case sensitive. For example, the TITLE field name is equivalent to Title or title.

Field Name Field Type Default Print Field
TITLE1,2 Index field Yes
DOC_TITLE1 Index field  
SUBJECT1 Index field  
ALT_TITLE1 Index field  
ALTTITLE1 Index field  
ROOTPARENT_TITLE1,3 Index field Yes
CONTENT Index field  
SOURCE Index field  
TO Index field Yes
CC Index field Yes
BCC Index field Yes
ROOTPARENT_AUTHOR3 Index field, Parametric field Yes
ROOTPARENT_TO3 Index field, Parametric field Yes
ROOTPARENT_CC3 Index field, Parametric field Yes
ROOTPARENT_BCC3 Index field, Parametric field Yes
NORMALIZED_TO4 Index field, Parametric field
NORMALIZED_CC4 Index field, Parametric field
NORMALIZED_BCC4 Index field, Parametric field
AUTHOR Index field, Parametric field Yes
FROM Index field, Parametric field Yes
ROOTPARENT_FROM3 Index field, Parametric field Yes
NORMALIZED_AUTHOR4 Index field, Parametric field Yes
NORMALIZED_FROM4 Index field, Parametric field Yes
ENRICHED_PERSON Index field, Parametric field Yes
ENRICHED_PLACE Index field, Parametric field
ENRICHED_COMPANY Index field, Parametric field Yes
CATEGORY Parametric field Yes
SOURCE_CONNECTOR Parametric field Yes
SOURCE_REPOSITORY Parametric field Yes
CONTENT_TYPE Parametric field Yes
LON Numeric field  
LAT Numeric field  
FILE_SIZE Numeric field  
DATE Date field  
CREATED_DATE Date field  
CREATEDDATE Date field  
MODIFIED_DATE Date field  
SENT Date field  
REFERENCE Reference field Yes
IODREFERENCE Reference field  
EXPIRE_DATE Expire Date field  

1 These fields are considered highly relevant indicators of document context. A match in these fields increases the relevance score for the result.

2 TITLE is a special field that is always returned at the top of document alongside the reference.

3 ROOTPARENT_<field> is a standard convention used to include information from a containing document that is relevant to a child document. For example, ROOTPARENT_FROM might contain the FROM field of the parent email for an attachment (where the attachment is indexed independently).

4 NORMALIZED_<field> is a standard convention used to indicate the normalized form of a field value.

Non-Standard Fields

You can configure custom fields with special types for your text indexes by using the Create Text Index API, or by using the Create Text Index option on the Text Indexes Account page. You must create the custom fields when you create the text index; you cannot change this configuration afterwards. The custom fields behave the same as standard fields with the same property, and you can use these fields for search and filtering. You can also create expire date fields, which allow you to define a date in the document after which the document is deleted. For more information, see Index Field Types

Haven OnDemand also stores any other non-standard fields in your documents. You cannot use these fields for retrieval, but you can display them in results by using the Print API parameter.