Usage and Quotas
Displays details of your quotas and API usage.

Your Quotas

The Usage and Quotas page displays details of the limits for your account. For more details about the limits and quotas in Haven OnDemand, see Rate Limiting, Quotas, Data Expiry, and Maximums and API and Resource Unit Consumption.

Overall Quotas shows the total usage limits for your account.

  • Quota Name. The name of the limit.
  • Quota Limit. The maximum value you can use for that item.

If you have requirements for higher limits, contact us.

API Quotas shows the quota limits for individual APIs. For APIs that are not displayed, the quota is the Total Monthly API Calls limit.

  • API Name. The name of the API.
  • API Version. The version of the API.
  • Quota Limit. The maximum number of calls you can make for the API.
  • Usage. The number of calls you have have made for the API.