Cookie Settings for Haven OnDemand

Haven OnDemand uses cookies for a number of purposes, as described below.

You can use this page to opt-out of certain categories of cookies, if you do not wish to receive them. We use a cookie to store your preferences, so the choices you make here will persist for this browser. If you access Haven OnDemand from other devices and/or browsers, you will need to configure your cookie preferences for that browser/device.

Categories of Cookies

The cookies that Haven OnDemand uses can be categorized as follows:

Category Description
Essential Cookies

These cookies are essential to the operation of Haven OnDemand.

EnabledYou cannot opt-out of this category.
Functionality Cookies

These cookies enhance your experience on Haven OnDemand. For example, your preference of grid or list view on the API page is stored in a cookie so that it is remembered each time you access the list of APIs.

Performance Cookies

These cookies help us to provide you with the best possible user experience. They allow us to better understand how our users are using Haven OnDemand and how it is performing, so we can identify where improvements are needed.